Digital Portfolio St. John's University

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Digital Portfolio St. John's University
Carmela Emmerich

Please visit my Scholar page to learn more about my dissertation, questionnaire, and future work. Thank you.

This digital portfolio is part of the requirements for my doctoral degree from the Center for Educational Leadership and Accountability in School of Education, St. John's University, New York.

"The beautiful thing about learning is 
that no one can take it away from you."
~B.B. King

The digital portfolio serves as my guide for the Educational Administration at St. John's University. It will provide the professors and administrators with documentation of my research, achievements, and readiness to begin work on my dissertation. 

The purpose of this website is to demonstrate the knowledge and skills that I have obtained during my years as a doctoral student at St. John's University.

My goal is to share my work with colleagues, friends, and future leaders.

I hope you find these pages interesting, motivational, and most of all a starting point in which further research can be conducted.

This digital portfolio is divided into five major sections:

Personal - Provides an insight into my backgrounds, family, and interests.

Professional -Explains my experiences as an educator.

Learner - Provides the reader with a collection of my coursework throughout the program.

Expert - Exhibits how I applied the knowledge acquired from St. John's University

Scholar - Reflects my research, my findings, and the readings  during my courses.

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Overlooking the south shore of Long Island, St. John’s 175-acre Oakdale, N.Y., location is a growing center of graduate academic opportunities for Nassau and Suffolk Counties.

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